Are you getting a positive return on your training investment? Workforce training is a critical and oftentimes substantial investment of resources. An organization’s return on that investment depends on many factors, including the focus, quality, and efficiency of the training and on-the-job support for applying what was learned.

ADI can help you evaluate your ROI and uncover improvement opportunities with our comprehensive assessment process. We review available data on the impact of the training, review all training and instructional materials and resources, interview stakeholders, observe the delivery of instructor-led training firsthand, and complete any blending learning components of the training.

ADI can review individual courses, a training course sequence, or your organization’s entire approach to employee development. During this review, some of our most common assessment focus areas include:

  • Learning Objectives
  • Efficiency and Impact of Training
  • Organization and Sequencing of Content
  • Scope and Relevance of Content
  • Learning Methods
  • Meaningful Practice
  • Learner Feedback and Reinforcement
  • Assessments and Certification Criteria
  • Transfer and Generalization of Learning

Whether you are onboarding new employees, providing technical certification training for frontline employees, developing bench strength in your leadership, or rolling out a system or process change, ADI identifies strengths and improvement opportunities in your approach so that your training efficiently builds mastery and fluency in the new behaviors. Our behavioral perspective and objective analysis of your training will provide the direction you need to improve the learning experience and optimize the return on your training investment, ensuring that the critical knowledge and skills are efficiently and rapidly learned and then reinforced when back on the job.