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Blitz: Bringing Out the Best in People

Blitz: Bringing Out the Best in People

Attendees of ADI’s Applications of Behavioral Leadership workshop can now sharpen their understanding of the science while building fluency with this online course. Based on Aubrey C. Daniels’ bestselling business book, Bringing Out the Best in People, this drill-based course is designed to build mastery and fluency in the concepts from the book and in what attendees in ADI’s week-long training event were taught.

With 16 modules to work through, learners can move along in order or choose the module that they want to work on. Use scroll bar to the right to read more...

Modules include:

Behavior vs. Non-Behavior


The ABC Model


Behavioral Consequences

Performance Feedback

The ABC Analysis

Model for Problem Solving

Negative Reinforcement

Goal Setting to Shape Behavior

Positive Reinforcement

Recognition and Rewards

Punishment, Penalty, Extinction, Recover

Compensation & Performance Appraisals

Reinforcement Delivery

Celebrating Work

Programming, design, and delivery of this course is based on the most effective behavioral and adult learning principles available. It contains a mobile friendly and intuitive interface that allows learners to move quickly between modules and sections of a module, with ease.

To complement this course, you may also be interested in Behavioral Consequences, an online course that defines and illustrates the four behavioral consequences and how each affects performance. 

Carefully designed and programmed interactivity that ensures knowledge is assessed and retained via consistent and targeted exercises.

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