Create a culture of safe habits. Most organizations would quickly say that they value safety. Safety initiatives are prevalent in most industries. With all this attention to safety, why are safety incidents so commonplace? Perhaps the answer is in the name “initiative.” Initiatives “initiate” behavior or get it started. They do not sustain it. In order to create a safety culture, companies need to build safety into their overall management process and look at the behavior of all employees up and down the organization.

The daily actions and decisions of all employees must consistently demonstrate, prompt, and reinforce the right behavior to ensure the safety of the workforce. A behavior-based safety process that results in incremental improvements in safe behavior is fine, but until critical safe behaviors are habits, people, equipment, and the environment will still be at risk. ADI helps organizations proactively manage safety through the commitment and accountability of management all the way to the front-line. We help organizations clarify and define the roles necessary to create a culture of safe habits and develop the skills to sustain those behaviors for the long run.

Make safety a consistent part of each employee’s work day—not something that is done only by frontline workers, after an incident, after a safety meeting, or when someone is looking.

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