Throughout the past decade, corporate cultures have been making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Whether it’s corporate greed, the lack of accountability, stifling rules and oversight, or rampant indifference, many organizations are unintentionally shifting their corporate culture in ways that will create immediate and long-term issues. The shift is gradual and often goes undetected or is disregarded until the organization begins to have serious problems.

Yet there are many exceptions—organizations that earn the distinction of being good places to work. Leaders in such organizations understand that what people do and say in their daily actions are governed by what is intentionally and unintentionally reinforced and punished by managers, peers, systems, processes, practices, etc.

To build a positive culture you must first look at the behavior and impact of those who lead. Do they clearly define and communicate expectations that support the mission, vision, and values of the organization? Do they walk the talk? Do they lead in a way that makes people want to carry out the mission? Or do they look the other way if they’re getting the results they want? While helping companies create positive culture change, ADI works with employees at all levels to uncover the true rules of conduct—what people actually say and do versus what the organization says it wants and values. Then we partner with the organization to define the desired culture and to realign consequences to shape the culture into one that is positive and aligned with the corporate mission, vision, and values.

When you align what matters to the men and women of your organization with what matters to the organization itself, you will create an environment that excites your workforce and has them giving their best every day.