Create a workplace where compensation is earned. In light of the past year’s headlines, companies understand now more than ever that compensation and performance should go hand in hand. Executives that were awarded huge payouts regardless of company performance are now getting a second look. Entitlement is becoming a thing of the past as companies focus on compensating valued performance, retaining their best employees, and getting discretionary effort from all.

Organizations need a system that gives them the power to create a profit-focused workplace, one that rewards individuals based on how they contribute to its financial success. With ADI’s measurement, feedback, and compensation methodologies and tools, organizations can build flexible employee groups whose focus quickly adapts to changes in business conditions, customer-centered employees that are driven to improve profitability, and positive leadership practices to support the implementation.

ADI offers support in developing objective performance scorecards, automated monthly performance feedback, tactical improvement planning, and Profit-Indexed Performance Pay. Optimize your workforce and your compensation dollars by differentially rewarding those whose impact contributes to the financial success of your organization.

Download the Performance Measurement & Incentive Pay brochure:

Performance Measurement & Incentive Pay