ADI designs and develops instructional and performance-support systems that get the right behavior started in the classroom and keep it going in the workplace.

Training events that don’t directly improve workplace performance that matters to the organization are a waste of time and money. Subject-Matter-Experts often pack so much information into training that the participants have difficulty figuring out what they “need-to-know” versus what’s “nice-to-know.” Training that relies on “talking heads” shortchanges the opportunity for meaningful practice and application and greatly reduces the chances that employees will learn, retain, or act on what’s really important for them to do or do differently in the workplace. All too often the only outcomes from training are a couple days away from the job and a new binder for your shelf.

Transfer Training to Workplace

The application of behavioral principles to training ensures a streamlined focus on what matters to the organization. Specific behavioral objectives are achieved by focusing on the critical content and the meaningful practice and interactivity required to prompt workplace performance improvements. ADI’s unique behavioral perspective ensures that the consequences in the workplace support the demonstration of the skills trained, the use of prescribed resources, adherence to redesigned workflows, and compliance with standard operating procedures. With measurement, feedback, and reinforcement, ADI gets the behavior started in the classroom and then keeps it going in the workplace. The result is performance mastery and fluency that accelerates your overall business performance.

Build Knowledge Mastery and Skill Fluency

Whether you need to streamline what you have or start from scratch, ADI can help you build an efficient and results-oriented instructional and performance-support system to clarify performance expectations, build mastery and fluency in critical knowledge and skills, and ensure that what’s learned is rapidly transferred to the workplace.