From strategy to policy change to face-to-face interactions, executives influence organizational behavior in numerous and significant ways. Every interaction executives have with employees and every decision they make has the potential to positively or negatively influence overall performance and organizational culture. Knowing how to respond in a way that has the most positive and significant impact, and skillfully executing on that often requires coaching from experts fluent in understanding the nuances of human performance.

ADI’s executive coaching partnership begins with 360° surveys and interviews in order to understand the current leadership style and impact. This includes self-assessment as well as inclusion of previous feedback the executive has received. Next, a relationship map is created to establish the executive’s most critical relationships, those which require the most improvement as well as new spheres of influence that should be built. High-impact behaviors that provide the widest impact are identified and ADI coaches work closely with executives through observation and feedback to see the short and long-term impact of their actions and decisions, and how to set the stage for immediate refinement of leadership skills.

Executives have the most comprehensive impact on organizational culture and human performance. With helpful, honest feedback on the impact of their own behavior, executives can accelerate improvement and business results. An investment in ADI’s executive coaching is an investment in business success.