Discover and inspire the employee performance your business needs. Business outcomes in customer service, safety, quality, productivity, and innovation all depend on employee behavior—what employees say and do. Focusing on the behavior that will safely and ethically drive business results will increase effectiveness while helping to prioritize employee efforts. This is true for the behavior of all employees, whether working on the frontline, coaching others, or making strategic decisions. Identifying these specific behaviors is one of the most indispensable business actions a company can make.

ADI’s behavioral roadmapping process, also known as Reverse Engineering, provides organizations with a systematic and proven way to identify the most critical behaviors at all levels of their organization. Through a series of consultant-facilitated sessions with the executive team and highest performers, ADI creates a roadmap that clearly outlines the behavioral path to improved business results. We do this by identifying and aligning the most impactful behavior of frontline employees, supervisors, managers, and executives. With the behavioral roadmap in hand, ADI works closely with all leaders to build proficiency in execution, coaching and influencing precisely these behaviors that bring the most success to the business.

This process not only maximizes a company’s return on investment through the coaching leaders provide, but it also generates sharing of best practices, alignment and clarity in expectations across all employees and all departments.

Regardless of the strategic challenge or improvement opportunity, the first step is to be clear on the most critical behaviors that will achieve the objectives. ADI’s behavioral roadmapping process provides the structure and tools to achieve this.