The business media has reported that only 1 out of 10 companies that design an effective strategy successfully implement that strategy. This supports the old adage, the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry. While excuses are typically made for strategy, it is likely that the defined strategy was not optimized to support the organization in its current state. Were the right champions in place to drive the strategy? Were the required behaviors understood and communicated to those affected? Was a positive accountability system built in for its execution? 

ADI partners with organizations on many levels to build a behaviorally sound and executable strategy. At the outset, we ensure that the behaviors required at all levels of the organization are clearly defined, that feedback and positive accountability systems are in place to support those behaviors, and that success along the way is recognized, celebrated and leads to enduring impact. ADI also looks at the other initiatives or work pressures that might compete with the current strategy, streamline and consolidate these parallel paths whenever possible, and align performance feedback and reinforcement with your priorities.


How ADI works with organizations to support strategy execution:

Strategy Execution Model

Don’t let your planning activities and initial execution work lead to failure. By integrating a behavioral approach into your strategy design and execution, ADI can help you turn your best-laid plans into sustainable results.