Build new process habits to sustain gains. When organizations look to make process improvements, they often turn to Lean and Six Sigma methodologies. While these approaches might get you where you want to go in the short-term, they alone are not likely to keep you there. Regardless of the process improvement model you follow, your long-term success will be based on whether or not you carefully consider the new behavior required to sustain your gains. Change that does not build in feedback and positive consequences for the new behavior is not sustainable.

As behavioral experts, ADI knows that these gaps in sustainability are caused by overlooking the “people” side of change initiatives. The perfect process on paper has little value if it is not adopted and embraced by those charged with carrying it out. If the old way of doing things is easier or if no one seems to notice whether or not the new process is being followed, then why bother?

ADI can help you define and integrate the feedback and positive reinforcement loops necessary to build and solidify new process habits so that the new behaviors do not go unnoticed. This will ensure that your new behaviors become new habits, old habits fade away, and your gains are sustained over the long term.