An organization’s culture impacts the way employees behave and perform, as well as how they interact with others within and outside of the workplace. There is no disputing that in today’s business environment, a poor culture has a negative impact on performance, customer service, employee morale, and retention.

Culture is shaped by what people say and do, and the practices that are encouraged and discouraged over time, whether intentional or otherwise. ADI helps organizations define their ideal culture and then helps align the people and systems so they intentionally and systematically encourage behavior patterns consistent with that culture.

ADI begins by looking at the alignment of an organization’s current systems, processes, and practices to identify the factors that are promoting or inhibiting the desired culture and organizational performance. Next, a culture survey is administered to provide a voice for employees to share what they see and perceive as it pertains to the current culture and how an organization prioritizes and manages its people. With these findings, ADI applies principles of the science of behavior to help clients identify and address the interconnectivity of these practices on their corporate culture.

 ADI offers the tools and support needed to help organizations build a strong and positive, high-performing culture.