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Academic & Association Relations

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ADI is proud of the relationships it’s built with the following institutions and behavioral organizations:


The Institute is dedicated to advancing the understanding of the science of behavior in evidence-based practices at work, in education, and in health care. Its mission is to create an environment where exploration and discovery provide the foundation for all we do. The Institute also features a one-of-a-kind Behavioral Apparatus Virtual Museum and the Timeline of The History of Behavior Analysis, a compilation of key people, ideas and resources that have contributed to the growth of the science of behavior and its application.



OneCare’s mission is to build a platform and system that reduces hospitalization and ongoing costly health care for patients and families through innovative and comprehensive preventive care that will better educate and inform patients and families, increase independence and reduce recidivism. OneCare is designed to accomplish its objectives at no cost to the patient. In this partnership, ADI is working with OneCare to identify and add highly reinforcing motivational elements to what patients and caregivers see in this system as they chose one behavior over another, in real time. In addition, ADI is building in fluency practice in both knowledge acquisition and skill development to ensure that the patient is able to generalize from one condition to another on how to maintain healthy habits.