Announcing the Launch of The Aubrey Daniels Institute

 It is with great excitement that I introduce to you the launch of an institute dedicated to increasing the understanding and advancing the use of the science of behavior (behavior analysis) in the workplace. Organizations are fond of communicating to employees that they are their most important asset, yet because management processes and practices are not designed in accordance with what is known about the scientifically proven laws of human behavior, organizations are not able to fully maximize the potential of their people. This has led to management systems that waste time and money and frustrate employees, resulting in low rates of engagement, productivity and customer service, among other things.

The science of behavior is often not known or used in making business decisions, and therefore, many performance practices that have evolved over the years simply don’t work. Separating fact from fiction is one of the main goals of the institute. The broader mission of the institute is to explore from a research perspective the conditions that will help to create and sustain individual excellence and business success. With this Institute, we hope to illuminate principles that will literally change the way the world works. In today’s competitive environment, organizations can’t afford to not understand the science of human behavior. At the end of the day, every business accomplishment is dependent on someone’s behavior. One can manage it by common sense or by scientifically validated data. I hope you will take a few minutes of your time to visit the institute and explore, discuss, and share with others more about the science of behavior.

Posted by Aubrey Daniels, Ph.D.

Aubrey is a thought leader and expert on management, leadership, safety and workplace issues. For the past 40 years, he has been dedicated to helping people and organizations apply the laws of human behavior to optimize performance.