Bryan Shelton

Senior Consultant

Bryan Shelton, a highly regarded consultant and trainer, has been applying behavior science in organizations for over 10 years, dedicating his consulting and training to performance improvement within organizational settings.   Bryan has helped organizations develop meaningful and actionable strategic objectives that successfully align employee performance with the company’s desired goals.  Using his extensive background in behavior analysis and the application of behavior-based solutions, Bryan helps clients create improvement across a variety of business metrics including company safety, growth, profitability, customer service, vision alignment, leadership development, and culture change. 

Bryan earned his B.S. in Psychology with an emphasis in Performance Management from Florida State University and his M.S. in Behavior Analysis with an emphasis in Organizational Behavior Management from the University of North Texas. Bryan currently resides in Longmont CO.  He has presented at various organizational and association conferences and has authored articles, blogs and book chapters. When not working, Bryan can be found fly-fishing or rock climbing.

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