Our Work Transcends Industries

Every industry has its own unique needs and faces its own unique challenges.

Throughout our long history we have had the true honor to work with some of the best companies from all industries. It is through our clients’ dedication to building the science of behavior into the fabric of their everyday work that makes these clients exceptional. We invite you to learn more about some of our work through the client case studies found below. For additional stories and articles, visit our media center


Norfolk Southern: A New Safety Culture: Learn how this transportation company engaged more than 25,000 employees to build a strong and sustainable culture, both in safety and in the way things are done.

The Precision Leadership Survey: Not Just Another Yardstick for M&T Bank: Learn how this large, regional bank used ADI’s Precision Leadership® Survey as a management development and coaching tool and how it led to increased employee engagement.

FMC Mines with Safety: With an eye to safety, learn how this mine applied behavioral science to their operations and in the end created a culture change that resulted in a new way business is done.

Fifth Third Bank: The Path to Sales Power:  Hear how this large financial institution turned their attention to using behavioral science to help them define the specific sales behaviors needed to make change happen.

A Culture of Safety Ownership at MOM Brands: Hear how this nearly decades-old company brought behavior-based safety into their organization to address specific safety concerns all the while building a culture of safety ownership throughout.

Eurokera North America: Removing Barriers to Exceptional Safety: Learn how this company navigated organizational sensitivities while designing a system for shaping safe behaviors that led to sustainable habits.

The Bob Barker Company: Generating Performance that Pays:  Hear how this company transformed its compensation structure and rewarded its employees by implementing a performance measurement and Profit-Indexed Performance Pay™ system.

Norðurál: Casting Behavior-Based Safety in a Positive Light: Learn how this Century Aluminum plant in Grundartangi, Iceland implemented BBS and achieved results in both hard safety measures as well as positive culture change.