Transportation Case Study

Transportation Company

Multinational Transportation Company Improves Safety Culture Through Critical Safety Leadership Behaviors

A multinational transportation company was interested in improving their safety performance, with particular emphasis on serious injuries and fatalities. After reading Safe by Accident and hearing about ADI’s approach to safety leadership, they chose to partner with ADI. The first step was to conduct a safety culture survey across all employees to understand the current safety culture strengths and opportunities. Next, ADI consultants visited a sample of 20 sites across three countries to further investigate safety culture, assess safety leadership practices, understand regional differences, and establish the best path forward.

Upon completion of the survey and on-site assessments, ADI delivered a series of sessions, for the overall corporation and for each division, outlining the biggest opportunities for improvement. One of the major gaps identified was safety leadership skills. While leaders were conducting regular safety interactions, those interactions were not focused on critical safety behaviors, and were too often vague and ineffective. ADI worked directly with division leaders and safety professionals to build a series of behavioral roadmaps that outlined the most critical behaviors to focus interactions on—in order to achieve the desired safety results. Next, ADI created customized leadership training and coaching. Using a train-the-trainer/train-the-coach implementation strategy, this large, geographically disperse organization was able to improve the impact of safety interactions, strengthening critical safety behaviors that reduced incidents, and improve the general safety culture.