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Leadership Surveys

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Develop Highly Effective Leaders

Identify and act on the critical behaviors needed to improve a leader's own performance.

Effective leaders are measured not only by the behavior of their followers but how well they adjust and readjust to feedback in their environment. ADI offers the following surveys to assess and develop highly effective leaders in any organization:

Precision Leadership Survey: Organization that seek lasting changes to their performance, operational practices, and culture must begin by looking at their leadership. Successful execution is by definition top-down. The upward feedback provided through this survey gives leaders specific direction on practices that their direct reports find particularly effective and those that get in the way of optimized performance. Assessing the current capabilities of the leadership team in your organization is an essential first step in driving future performance and earning Discretionary Effort™.

Precision Feedback Survey: As an alternative to the Precision Leadership Survey, this survey is ideal for a manager with fewer than three directs reports. Using this survey approach, a manager’s one or two direct reports are combined with four to five of their peers that they work closely with on a daily basis. The survey questions are tailored to apply to the direct reports and the peers of the manager. This survey generates valuable feedback from two different perspectives—those who work “for” and those who work “with” a manager.

360° Survey: While most leaders are familiar with a 360° Survey, ADI’s approach provides feedback on behavior to performers at all levels based on their working relationship with individuals throughout an organization, using multi-rater feedback from the performer’s manager, co-workers, direct reports, and any other individual they may interact with on a consistent basis. A performer is also given the opportunity to rate him or herself on the same survey questions (self-rating). ADI’s 360° Survey allows performers to identify differences and similarities in how their behavior and impact is perceived by others based on the nature of the working relationship.

Stop—Start—Continue Survey: This assessment consists of three open-ended questions answered by a performer’s direct reports. From this assessment, a performer is provided feedback on what behavior(s) his or her direct reports would like for them to stop doing, start doing, and continue to do. The survey results can then be translated into actionable opportunities for improving, eliminating, and acquiring new behavior to increase the performer’s effectiveness and improve his or her impact on others.



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