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Safety Assessments

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Safety Assessments

Ensure that your safety management system is having the intended impact. 

To have true impact, organizations must focus on desired and undesired behavior in all parts of the organization—not just at the front line. At ADI, we pay particular attention to how individual leadership and management behaviors influence operational safety and performance. Our experts analyze the impact of organizational tools, systems, and processes—both intended and actual impact. The goal is to help identify organizational practices that support effective safety behavior and thus should be continued, as well as to identify organizational practices that enable undesired safety behavior and thus should be changed.

Our assessments can help clients in a variety of areas:

  • Safety culture
  • Safety Leadership
  • Safety Engagement
  • Behavior-Based Safety readiness 

An ADI assessment provides organizations with a strategy for change that focuses limited time and resources on those tools and practices that are most likely to improve safety.

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