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Building safe work habits for life®

Join the thousands safety professionals who have applied ADI’s behavioral principles to improve safety in their organization.

Our Safety Solutions

Creating and sustaining a safe and healthy workplace is one of the biggest challenges organizations face. The key to overcoming this challenge is a systematic approach to managing human performance. Working from the boardroom to the front line, no one helps you do this better than ADI.

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Client Feedback
I’m 100% sure we have taken the right approach by going down this behavioral road. This is not some flavor of the month. It has become a way of life.
— Mark Manion, (Retired) Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Norfolk Southern

Safety Services

Here are just a few ways ADI supports you in applying sound behavioral principles to achieve and maintain exemplary safety performance.

Develop positive safety management skills that improve your leadership impact, build frontline engagement, and strengthen safety performance.
Engage frontline workers and management to work cooperatively to improve hazardous conditions and develop safe habits.
Improve safety and overall organizational performance through ADI’s systematic engagement process.
Build a high-performance safety culture that focuses on prevention, continuous improvement, and employee engagement.
Optimize your safety systems such as incident investigation, hazard mitigation, safety communication, and near miss reporting.
Tap into personal values while developing the skills and tools you need to effectively self-manage safety performance.
Build critical skills to proactively manage safety performance. From behavior-based safety training, to frontline supervisor training, to safety leadership training for managers and executives.
Gain actionable insight into the strengths and opportunities of your current safety leadership and safety culture. Give your organization a clear roadmap for improvement.

Client Perspective

The leadership at Norfolk Southern successfully changed long-standing practices laden in negative reinforcement by focusing on a top down approach for creating a positive safety culture.

Safety Clients Who Trust Us

Injuries reduced by
more than 500%
near miss reporting increase
Behavior-Based Safety
safety culture assessments,
peer observation
for 100K employee organization
in more than
20 countries
15 languages
near miss reporting
increased exponentially
in a 2-year
Injury ratio per 200K man-hours improved in just
More than 30K
employees contributed to positive improvements

Leaders who want to improve safety in their organization must read “Safe by Accident?”

This book reveals how behavioral science can foster a company-wide culture of safety. Authors, Judy Agnew and Aubrey Daniels deliver seven common safety leadership practices that don’t work (and what to do instead) and offer recommendations for positive change.


Common Safety Challenges

Need help overcoming common barriers to safety? Here are just a few that ADI can help you tackle:

Creating a positive safety culture can be one of the most difficult challenges an organization faces. There are seven foundational keys to help guide you through, including eliminating blame for near misses and accidents. Read on for the remaining six…

Bottom line: if you want stronger engagement, you need to develop sound relationships. There are many best practices you can apply for building effective relationships that go beyond just being nice. Following through on commitments in one. Read on for other best practices…

Is your company like most, they say that safety is their number one priority, yet management sends mixed signals about production or other priorities? Actions must match intent, especially in safety. Read on for a better understanding of how to do that…

It doesn’t matter if you are at the frontline or in management, engagement in safety is tough to come by and requires good leadership skills. Frontline supervisors can improve their skills and better engage their direct reports. Eliminating blame is just one way. Read on for the remaining four…

Is discipline overused in your organization, and with little effect on safety improvement? The truth is discipline rarely works as organizations think it will. There are better ways to improve safety behavior. Watch this short video to learn more...

Safety incentives like Safety Bingo are intended to reward an outcome. Even with the best intentions, your organization is likely putting itself at greater risk by using incentives to drive safety. Read on to better understand the impact incentives have on safety…


An engaged workforce is a productive and safe workforce for all.

Follow these five simple tips to build engagement:

  1. Build Relationships—the foundation for building engagement
  2. Relentlessly Address Hazards—employees will be more willing to participate
  3. Encourage Near Miss Reporting—the more you report, the more you learn
  4. Eliminate Blame—it leads to disengagement
  5. Use More Positive Reinforcement—strengthens safe behaviors and builds engagement

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