Organizational Safety by Design

The first step in providing clear direction for improving safety performance.

In matters of safety, all levels of an organization must be committed to creating a culture of safe habits. ADI offers the following safety surveys to support organizations in evaluating safety culture, safety systems, and processes, and their impact on employees and in providing clear direction for improving your safety performance:

Safety Culture Survey: Dig deeper to identify the cultural practices that support and/or undermine safety performance. The questions in this survey address a range of safety culture variables, including proactive versus reactive safety management, leadership and employee engagement, conditions and reporting, resources, consequence management, and personal responsibility.

Safety Leadership Survey: This unique survey enables employees to provide anonymous feedback to their immediate supervisor on his/her safety leadership. While all leaders have good intentions when it comes to safety, receiving feedback on the actual impact of their actions helps leaders to adjust what they do and ensure that those within their span of control are as safe as possible.

Safety Pulse Checks: If your organization has been working to improve safety leadership, change safety culture, or implement a BBS process, a brief pulse check survey allows you to quickly check progress, and learn where to focus your energy for continued improvement. These 6-8 question surveys are a cost-effective way to evaluate success on any initiative.

Tailored to your specific safety need, an ADI survey is a great first step in providing clear direction for improving your safety performance.


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