What did you like about the ABL Seminar?

Great, dynamic instructors. Everyone was engaged. Possibly the best course I have ever taken.
Application, application, application. Thoroughly enjoyed the class and lessons more than expected for work and at home. Made me think about pursuing the science more or even changing my career.
Facilitators :) Variety and examples. Both business-related, personal and family-oriented. The class exceeded my expectations! I am very excited to go home and start to implement some of these changes. Thank you both for your time, honesty.
Content. It works. Facilitators.
Content / subject matter is extremely powerful. Having participants from other companies / organizations. Accommodations / facilities are great / convenient.
Just an overall thank you for keeping the enthusiasm and passion in your teachings so that everyone did stay engaged and you make each day enjoyable! Great job! I know it must be tough to do this multiple times but I feel that both of you performed extremely well! You showed true excitement and energy.
You could tell that both facilitators really believed and enjoyed what they were teaching by their attitudes by making the class just fly by. It was a short week.
Learned a lot. Thank you.
Thanks. I can't wait to implement what I have learned!!
I feel I learned much more than I ever expected.
It’s applicable in all aspects of my life.
Absolutely everything! Thank you.
Learning the concepts around PM. Opened my eyes to how far we have to go. I enjoyed the class and look forward to returning.
Practical and allowed me to work on something that I can take back. Overall, a great course. It was nice to make mistakes here so we can be better back on the job.
The facilitators were awesome. They were experts, organized, and energized. Really the best I have seen. I also liked the opportunities to reinforce and practice my learning through the various learning approaches.
Surprised me that I learned as much as I did. Gathered momentum as week went on.
A new way of seeing things.
Great examples and content. After only having the 2 day class on site, this has been a great learning. Guest speakers also showed how theory applies to everyone.
This is great. We will be sending more folks! Thanks.
Thought the class would drag on, it did not. I am very glad that I came.
Awesome class. This is the best training class I have taken because of the practicality of it, it makes sense! Good tools. The week went fast.
Fantastic course that will influence me significantly! Already has, in fact – spent last night dreaming of where R+ occurs in random situations.
Excellent trainers.
Probably the most useful class I’ve ever taken.
The teaching techniques and knowledge base of the facilitators made this whole week a really great learning experience. Your obvious enjoyment of what you do and your belief in PM has been very evident and made this hard week fun.
This was a great class. Very helpful. Very enjoyable.
Instructors were informative and inspiring. Loved the team exercises and group participation. Good coverage of the material.
The instructors made the class come alive for me. ADI is an amazing organization and thank you for all the incredible insight. Thanks again.
This is one of the best, most valuable courses I have had in my leadership career. If my current position doesn't work out, I may need to change careers and teach this professionally. Thanks for a great week.
I feel I really understand this stuff now! I like that it’s applicable, that the truths are universal and that they work! I am really looking forward to trying this and beginning to apply everything great I have learned from a wonderful week.
I liked the applied nature of the course. Having to use the methods each day, works. This was the most professional, focused, well-organized and valuable course I have ever attended.
25 years in the Navy. 27 years at [Client name withheld]. Best Program ever!
ADI - "You nailed it."
It was good and worthwhile. All of the speakers were good. The facility, hotel, etc., was first class.
Great experience. Lots to absorb but very valuable week.
The friendly atmosphere. Realistic examples. Guest speakers. Thank you so much. It was the best course I have attended. Thanks.
Both speakers were polished, prepared and very humorous. They were easy to connect with and offered themselves whole-heartedly to the group.
Many epiphanies.
The workshop exceeded my expectations. The facilitation team works well together. As well, the staff at Aubrey Daniels is extremely organized.
Honestly, these are the most effective facilitators I have ever seen. The material can be overwhelming, but their patience, examples, professionalism and enthusiasm made me want to learn.
The technology. If I took nothing else away it would be that we as human beings need to shape our lives to capture this.
The personal touch from the facilitator was great. High energy and willingness to help when we got stuck. Guest speakers were very appropriate. I gained a great appreciation for this science.
I like the variety of learning tools used that can appeal to individual styles. I liked having practical hands-on applications to reinforce the lectures. The interaction between instructors, class, and among classmates was great. There were opportunities to meet others and learn from them.
This is one of the best courses I have ever taken, even among the courses I took at both the Naval Academy and in Seminary. It has had a tremendous impact on both my view of business, management, and leadership, as well as my world view in general. I will use it in business and family leadership. Thank you so much ADI.
Truly enjoyed the seminar. It's nice to see "facilitators" who are completely sincere.

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