What People are Saying About ADI Workshops

I attribute the success I've experienced in my career to the tools and principles I've learned from ADI. It's the cornerstone to all my relationships (personal and professional).
Ozzie Cuffie, Sr. Manager, ADT
This was great! Everyday built off of the prior day. The location and staff were great!
Albert Garza, Production Technician, Trenton Corp.
A very thorough and enjoyable journey into the world of OBM. Great instructors, great staff.
Drew Serrecchia, Learning & Development Manager, C&W Services
Coming into this training I thought this was more on discretionary effort. After being through this I was really engaged on how behavior leads to positive and negative consequences and what prompted the behaviors. I am invested in the applications of Behavioral Leadership.
Cameron Dela Cruz, Regional Technical & Cl Manager, Roseburg Forest Products
[The Instructors] were great presenters in the workshop. The week went fast, I enjoyed every day's takeaways.
Robert Delgado, Regional Safety Specialist, C&W Services
I have been through high school, college and Lean Six Sigma training and nothing compares to the usefulness of this training in your workplace or home.
Paul Adermann, Black Belt Project Leader, Malt-O-Meal Company
An intensive learning experience that was thought provoking. I learned a tremendous amount that I can now apply.
Rachel A. Prine, SPHR, Human Resources Manager, LMI Aerospace, Inc.
I really did enjoy the session and hope to be a shining example for others to see how to "Effectively Bring out the Best in People" through positive reinforcement. Everyone can learn this and should!!!
Wendy T. Lee, (C3KR) Claim Section Manager, Auto Claim Central, State Farm Insurance Company
The ADI process provides useable tools for managers to use in creating a reinforcing work environment. Managers should do themselves and their employees a favor – learn and use these tools.
Steven L. Williams, Safety Coordinator, FMC Corporation
APMT delivers a very detailed system for managing people’s behaviors through knowledgeable, engaging instructors that provide you with a tool kit that you can use at work and at home.
Marina Pariseau, Human Resources Generalist, Malt-O-Meal Company
The best personal development class I have ever taken. Each day was structured to teach the powerful Performance Management Technology as well as develop the necessary skills in real time through well planned activities.
Chad Parker, Head Golf Professional, East Lake Golf Club
I definitely had a lot of “now I understand” moments. Walking away, I felt empowered to change the culture of our Call Center.
Sarah McCants, Manager Medco, Health Solutions
The Performance Management program is a great tool for any person no matter what your job title and provides direction on how to interact with people in your daily life. Awesome program!
Nancy Woods, Human Resources Generalist, Malt-O-Meal Company
We need to send more people so we develop a critical mass of experience in R+.
Mike Cheney, Technical Engineering & Maintenance Manager, FMC Corporation
ADI is a mind blowing experience. The course information is in-depth and very fascinating.
An amazing course for the unknowing but skill and improving-seeking individual.
Completely enjoyed my time here. So much encouragement. Positive tips to continue to improve! I hope to be able to continue to grow.
Excellent course for moving an organization from Good to Great (world class) safety performance. The technology for implementing continuous (behavioral) improvement at multiple levels in an organization.