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Sustain Your Gains Book

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ADI Press Release

New Book Reveals the Secret of Accelerating and Sustaining Lean/Sigma Gains

Sustain Your Gains bookSustain Your Gains The People Side of Success in Lean/Six Sigma

Atlanta, GA: (July 11, 2011) – Have you ever wondered why well designed, fully implemented, and widely praised Six Sigma/Lean projects fail to sustain the promised gains? It’s all about behavior.

In first time author Michael McCarthy’s book, Sustain Your Gains: Accelerate Improvement, Sustain Gains, the People Side of Lean-Six Sigma, the behavioral aspects of the worker and the work processes and work environment of Six Sigma are brought to the forefront, leaving readers with a clear understanding of why pervious initiatives have not sustained the promised gains and what can and should be done differently to accelerate lasting improvement.

It has been said that Lean is 30% systems and 70% people. As a veteran Lean/Performance Consultant, McCarthy’s book leads you to focus the energy of the 70% people side of Lean-Sigma in a how-to format. It will also introduce you to Aubrey Daniels International’s proven people methodology and how to apply it to your Lean/Sigma initiative to sustain your hard won gains.

“As Lean and Six Sigma applications have spread throughout business and industry, a gap has begun to be noticed,” said Dr. Aubrey C. Daniels.  “That gap is the significant number of Lean and Six Sigma applications that are not sustained. That gap is on the people side of Lean and Six Sigma.  Sustain Your Gains shows how to close the gap.”

What others have to say about Sustain Your Gains:

“Mike’s book gives great practical advice on how to gain stronger team participation during a project and how to build reinforcement into your control plans or SOPs. As a project leader you can help your process owners sustain the gains by teaching them HOW.”

Jean O’Connell ~ Director, 3M Six Sigma Operations (retired)


“The process of Six Sigma works, but only when you incorporate the principles of feedback and positive reinforcement to sustain the improvements. The “people” will want to achieve the desired results only if you make it visible and rewarding to them.”

Bruce Kennedy ~ Vice President Enterprise Strategy, YRC Worldwide

About the Author

Michael McCarthy is an experienced Lean facilitator, performance improvement consultant, corporate trainer, and curriculum designer. He has worked with all levels of organizations, from top management to work teams. Over the course of his career, he has served as the Executive Director for Corporate and Economic Development at Asheville Buncombe Tech, as a manager with Accenture, assisting clients as a senior consultant with the firm of Aubrey Daniels International, consulting and training such clients as Preston Trucking, 3M, Georgia Power Company, Department of the Army, Philadelphia Electric, Emerson Electric Electronics and Space Division, Eastman Kodak, Milliken & Company, and Black and Decker. For three years he was the editor of Performance Management Magazine (now www.pmezine.com), researching and writing about transformational leadership, quality, and performance improvement concepts and applications. He was instrumental in transforming the corporate culture at Preston Trucking from an adversarial one to a partnership relationship between management and employees (Preston was subsequently featured as a case study in one edition of the book, A Great Place to Work). He is the co-author of the book, You Made My Day, addressing productivity and positive work culture through building co-worker recognition and relationships.

About ADI

Founded in 1978, and headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Aubrey Daniels International (ADI) works with such diverse clients as Aflac, Duke Energy, Lafarge, Malt-O-Meal, M&T Bank, Medco, NASA, Roche Labs, Sears, and Tecnatom to systematically accelerate discretionary effort—where people consistently choose to do more than the minimum required. Whether at an individual, departmental or organizational level, ADI provides the tools and methodologies to help move people towards positive, results-driven accomplishments.