Safety Leadership: Who's Accountable?

Recent events in mining, oil production, and even drug manufacturing uncover costly and more importantly deadly mistakes. Understanding the laws of behavior and applying them to environments where safety practices are present would do much to prevent such tragedies. But who is accountable? Companies are clear on the importance of safety, but leaders must create a culture where safety is valued and practiced at all levels. In essence the 'corporate will' to make safety a real priority can only be seen in the visible changes made by company leaders in the physical environment and in the daily safe practices on the part of all employees.

This topic of safety leadership is a critical one, particularly with the pace of business and the pressures companies face with 'hitting the numbers'. I am currently writing a Safety Leadership book with Judy Agnew, our Vice President of Safety Solutions, due out later this summer. More to come on that in future blog posts...

In the meantime, some of my colleagues have written articles about the impact and importance of safety practices and safety leadership. These articles are 'must reads' for all leaders and managers, regardless of industry:

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Posted by Aubrey Daniels, Ph.D.

Aubrey is a thought leader and expert on management, leadership, safety and workplace issues. For the past 40 years, he has been dedicated to helping people and organizations apply the laws of human behavior to optimize performance.