Bringing Out the Best in People CD Package

Bringing Out the Best in People CD Package

Aubrey C. Daniels

This is the audio version of the previous 2nd edition of the book

This unabridged version is narrated, in part, by Dr. Aubrey C. Daniels. If you've never heard him speak in person--this is the next best thing! Order your copy now! This is an audio version of the 5-star, best-selling book by Dr. Aubrey C. Daniels, one of the country's foremost behavioral psychologists.

Effectively managing people in a company leads to outstanding individual performances that, in turn, leads to great organizational performance. Dr. Daniels tells you how to use a behavior-based performance management system to transform employees' work into something they are willing, ready and even eager to do, which in turn ensures that everybody performs to his or her full potential.

Drawing from his expertise in behavioral psychology and over 25 years of Performance Management application in over 400 companies, Daniels explains how to initiate organizational change so that employees will increase their efforts, their creativity, their cooperation and the quality of their work. Backed by performance management case studies at 3M, Xerox, ConAgra, and other major firms, this entertaining, easy listening audio book gives managers the tools to permanently revitalize productivity.

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An MP3-CD audiobook (also called an MP3-CD) looks the same as a standard CD audiobook, so if you were looking at them side-by-side you wouldn't see a difference.The difference is the type of sound file the disc contains. MP3 files are significantly compressed audio files. The compression process removes redundant information—which results in a smaller file that doesn't sacrifice sound quality. These smaller files are how we can fit more information on less discs. What would take 12 discs on a standard CD audiobook, can fit on just one disc of an MP3-CD audiobook. In addition to being less clunky, MP3-CD audiobooks give you options. You can listen to the disc in a MP3-enabled CD player or you can transfer the audio files into iTunes or Windows Media Player and listen on your phone or other device.The MP3 file format is the same as what you would get from a digital download, without the actual downloading. This way, you don't have to take up space storing the files digitally or worry that they might get deleted. You'll always have the original disc as a backup.

Aubrey C. Daniels

Aubrey Daniels, a thought leader and internationally recognized expert on management, leadership, safety and workplace issues, is considered an authority on human behavior in the workplace. As founder and chairman of the board of directors of his consulting firm, Aubrey Daniels International, he and his staff help organizations employ the timeless principles of behavioral science to re-energize the workplace.

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