Behaving Well
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Behaving WELL

Edmund J. Fantino

Soft Cover

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Behaving WELL is a gem of a book shows how powerful tools of judgement and decision making may empower us to experience richer lives.

Craig R. M. McKenzie, Professor of Management and Strategy, Rady School of Management Professor of Psychology, UCSD

This is a remarkable personal account written by one of America’s leading experts on human behavior. In telling his story of dealing with advanced prostate cancer, Edmund Fantino candidly reveals the specific aspects of the disease while conveying a larger lesson. The details of coping with a grim diagnosis and the management of treatment form the core of this book, and are in themselves of great value, but the essence of this narrative is larger than one man’s personal discoveries about a terrifying disease. The specific lesson is how he managed one of life’s most distressing events while still managing to live his life. The larger lesson is a universal blueprint for building constructive behaviors that enable us to live our lives to the fullest.

Dr. Fantino, a celebrated researcher in self-control, has been inspired by an eighteen-year battle with cancer to write an engrossing account of how we can rearrange and improve our lives. A moving and invaluable tale!

Dr. J. Edward Russo Johnson, Family Professor of Management Cornell University

It is with great sadness that ADI shares the passing of Dr. Fantino on September 23, 2015. This book remains a testament to his buoyant spirit, in the face of his 30 year battle with the illness, and a guide for how we all should live our lives, each and every day.

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