Eliminado Obstáculos para la Seguridad

Eliminando Obstáculos para la Seguridad

Judy Agnew y Gail Snyder

Eliminando Obstáculos para la Seguridad, una guía sencilla para el empleo con éxito de la metodología de Seguridad Basada en el Compor-tamiento (SBC). Explica de forma concisa el papel de cada empleado en la seguridad. La utilización de resúmenes de los capítulos, de divertidos hechos relacionados con la seguridad, y de casos reales hacen que su lectura sea entretenida e informativa, resultando en una comprensión de los comos y porqués para convertir la seguridad en un hábito al mismo tiempo que se añade diversión al trabajo diario.


Creating and maintaining a competitive business that keeps safety as a priority is tough. Organizations have created excellent practices and procedures resulting in safer work environments, but behavior must be a key component of any successful safety endeavor.

Removing Obstacles to Safety: A Behavior-Based Approach provides a quick, but detailed overview for integrating that key component with any ongoing safety process. Relevant to every member of any workforce, behavior-based safety (BBS) presents solutions to ergonomic, production, and lone worker issues at every level. Though targeting safety at work, this book also serves as a handy and easy-to-understand guide that reveals how to use BBS anywhere at anytime—because accidents don’t just happen on the job. In fact, for many, taking this system home has demonstrated the value of positive steps that even kids can use to develop safe habits.

Case studies, chapter summaries, and a Q & A section kept the 1st edition in demand, but the revised edition offers even more: additional chapters further defining managerial, supervisory and frontline roles, leadership strategies, and industry-specific examples of applying this proven method to and beyond safety initiatives. Removing Obstacles to Safety, 2nd edition, clearly explains the scientifically based formula for removing barriers to safe behavior, identifying and eliminating at-risk actions, and optimally promoting safety at work and at home.

Judy Agnew

Judy Agnew, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Safety Solutions, Aubrey Daniels International

Judy is a seasoned consultant, trusted advisor, and recognized thought leader in workplace safety and safety leadership. Judy partners with clients to create evidence-based interventions that are safe by design and result in optimal and sustainable organizational change. With more than 30 years of consulting experience, Judy successfully works with diverse employee populations across a wide range of organizational issues, helping clients achieve targeted performance objectives.

Judy is an active speaker and invited presenter at major national and international safety conferences and corporate events. She is frequently interviewed for national and trade publications and is the author of three other highly-regarded safety books: Removing Obstacles to Safety (with Gail Snyder), Safe by Accident? Leadership Practices that Build a Sustainable Safety Culture (with Aubrey Daniels), A Supervisor’s Guide to (Safety) Leadership, and Safe by Design (with David Uhl).