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Precision Selling

Joseph S. Laipple

Soft Cover

In today’s increasingly busy and complex world, Precision Selling enriches my ability to coach with targeted simplicity. Laipple’s insights and strategies enable me to get in touch with every level of my customers’needs, and then to deliver!

Precision Selling is a sales managers' guide to getting the best out of their sales teams. Author Joe Laipple shares a proven process for achieving the goal of repeated profitable sales. An invaluable handbook for every sales or sales management professional, this unique guide describes the behavior-based tools for optimizing customer relations and influencing the skills that make a difference in sales results. “The fundamentals of Precision Selling include how to plan precise behaviors for sales activity and how to actually do those things on a consistent and constant basis,” writes Laipple.

This practical book details the steps for integrating and activating Precision Selling methods into the current work of your sales force including:

  • Identifying and measuring desired results
  • Targeting a customer population
  • Recognizing the early indicators for attaining future results
  • Acting on the critical sales behaviors that make a difference

From daily selling behaviors with customers to specific action plans to coaching skills, this handbook provides the details of how to achieve profitable sales by selling with precision.

This book is also available in Chinese. For more information or to purchase a copy contact Fudan University Press.

Precision Selling is also available as workshop. Contact us to request more information.