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I Saw What You Did & I Know Who You Are eBook

I Saw What You Did & I Know Who You Are

Janis Allen with Gail Snyder
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The busier managers become, the easier it is to manage by exception, giving attention only to problems and problem employees. Readers of this book will transform their approach to the opposite: they will give their attention (a.k.a. recognition) to good performers and coach those who need improvement. Their payoff is improved performance.

There is an art to giving and receiving recognition and this book illustrates valuable tips on how to handle people and problems. It is an amusing and practical guide for fine-tuning interpersonal skills.

[May 28, 1991 - In a note to a colleague who had sent him a copy of "I Saw What You Did"...]

"I really enjoyed and appreciated the book you sent me by Janis Allen. In fact, I have already read it, made notes in it, and plan to talk to our people about it at our Saturday morning meeting."

Sam Walton
Chairman of the Board

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