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VIDEO 16 December 2022 | Organizational Solutions

Behavioral Minute: Accountability

The term “accountability” often is used in different ways, which causes confusion about what it is and why it is important. In this video, Bart Sevin defines accountability from a behavioral perspective and describes how positive accountability can be a gateway to learning. For more on accountability, read “Proactive Accountability for Safety” (https://www.…
VIDEO 9 August 2022 | Organizational Solutions

“New and Improved” or Just Good Marketing?

Buyer Beware! Don’t be fooled by straw man attacks on behavioral strategies. Done right, such strategies are key to any improvement that involves human performance.
VIDEO 4 August 2022 | Organizational Solutions

ADI Service: Behavioral Roadmapping

Human behavior is the driving force behind every business action and output in an organization. However, identifying and coaching to those behaviors can be difficult. ADI knows a leader’s time and energy are valuable resources and with our Reverse Engineering process, we can help drill down to the critical few behaviors that have the biggest impact on…
VIDEO 17 September 2019 | Organizational Solutions

Behavioral Minute: Doing Nothing is Doing Something

Dr. Aubrey Daniels famously says, “Doing nothing is doing something, and it might not be something good.” ADI senior consultant Emily Moses explains what’s so important about this message from Dr. Daniels and how leaders need to understand the impact they are having on others, especially if it is extinguishing desirable behavior. To learn more about…