R Book Spanish Cover

Performance Management Spanish Version Gerencia del Desempeno

Aubrey C. Daniels

3rd edition

Soft Cover

This is the Spanish translation of THE 3RD EDITION of a classic bestseller!

As a manager you're interested in a practical system to measure various kinds of performance, improve productivity and create an enjoyable place in which to work. This textbook explains Performance Management, a system used successfully by thousands of people in hundreds of companies to improve performance. It is readable, understandable and easy to reference.

Aubrey C. Daniels

Aubrey Daniels, a thought leader and internationally recognized expert on management, leadership, safety and workplace issues, is considered an authority on human behavior in the workplace. As founder and chairman of the board of directors of his consulting firm, Aubrey Daniels International, he and his staff help organizations employ the timeless principles of behavioral science to re-energize the workplace.