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Rapid Change

Joseph S. Laipple

Creating and sustaining culture change is difficult. The author has it right in recognizing the make or break importance of leaders in the change process. Rapid Change provides critical tools and techniques for ensuring success.

Michael Bogenschutz, Vice President, Plant Operations, SCA Tissue North America

I admit to being an “Impatient Leader” who needs sustainable change, now! Rapid Change gives real-world, actionable steps that are practical and impactful. Take it from someone who is accustomed to getting “this won’t work here” pushback; the steps in this book will work in any environment.

Tina Waters, Senior Vice President Human Performance, Comcast

It’s quite simple. if you want sustainable, long-term changes in results, you need behavior change today that leads to those results. You need action. Leaders are charged with doing all they can to achieve results through their people. Often times they grow impatient with the pace.

Rapid Change provides leaders with a recipe for translating the proven science of behavior change into a process that helps get change quickly, easily and with impact. Author, Joe Laipple, puts over 20 years of experience to work as he illustrates this process through examples from real leaders and includes the specific business outcomes they achieved by changing their own behavior, influencing change in others, and enhancing the cultures they led.

With a realistic understanding of business today, Rapid Change tackles how to troubleshoot and overcome the inevitable signs of resistance that you will encounter along the way. This book also provides several tools and tips that can be used by individuals, teams, and organizations, including The 3-Minute Meeting—frequent yet brief, high-impact interactions among leaders and employees essential for influencing incremental change on a daily basis. Read more about the ADI Service Coaching for Rapid Change.

Rapid Change will help leaders:

  • Better understand change and how to manage their own impatience, deliberately and with persistence
  • Prepare and respond to challenges along the path to change
  • Apply behavioral tools and tips for change including a Coaching for Rapid Change starter kit
  • Create a behavioral vision for as little as 30 days
  • Use The 3-Minute Meeting™ to get change started and keep it going

Rapid Change is not a temporary fix. It is a playbook for supporting leaders in influencing change along the path to optimal performance; immediate change that leads to desired long-term outcomes.

Ideal for anyone looking to change their own behavior, influence the behavior of others or create long-term culture change.


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A good leader must be able to drive change and drive results through others. Joe has shared a clear vision of how to effectively accomplish both at a rapid pace! This is a must read for any leader. Simply put, behavioral coaching works and Joe outlined a guide that any leader can use.

Virgil R. Miller, Vice President, Customer Assurance Organization, Aflac Inc.

The principles outlined in this book, when applied consistently, lead to rapid change for my team. The changes that occurred were increased coaching opportunities with sales professionals, receptivity of sales professionals to coaching, and desired customer responses. This was accomplished by working backwards, first identifying the desired customer response and then determining which sales professional behaviors would elicit that customer response. Once the behaviors were “pinpointed” we increased the number of coaching touch points to accelerate the rapid change.

Joe was a strategic partner who guided the team through the application of the principles of rapid change. He helped accelerate the rate of behavioral change with my sales team. Joe provided an easy to understand roadmap to change that led to the desired long-term outcomes that I have established with my team. His council through each of the phases helped make the rapid change sustainable. The key takeaways from rapid change are: set reasonable expectations, make it repeatable and always be refining.

Jim Burke, Sr. Director, Sales Operations, Optimer Pharmaceuticals

A realistic guide to making it happen, 'Rapid Change' will help any leader plan a better path to execution by connecting behaviors and results. These principles have reshaped the roles of our leaders and managers in developing long-term sustainable positive change.

Vincent Rice, Finance Executive