Leading Personal Change

Starter Kit: Leading Personal Change

Leading the charge to personal improvement is within your control. Through our years of working with others to help improve the workplace and individual skill, ADI understands what tools and resources are needed to support you on the path to your own personal change.

Now available in this convenient and specially priced kit, these three books, by experts in personal and professional change, will offer you steps to take in establishing effective relationships at work and at home while gaining lasting control of your life—and help friends, family, and colleagues do the same.

Other People's Habits by Aubrey C. Daniels: Understand the habits and behaviors of those around you. This book offers a powerful technique with which to honestly and beneficially influence others, as well as maximize your own happiness and personal productivity.

Behaving Well by Edmund Fantino: Celebrate life, deliberately! This book gives you a universal blueprint for building constructive behaviors that enable you to live your life to the fullest.

You Can't Apologize to a Dawg by Tucker Childers: A fun read featuring true stories with lessons to help you grow your leadership strategies. From adventures with a snake hunting dog to his college years on the University of Georgia football team, the author shares his experiences about human (and animal) nature that will have you laughing all the way to better leadership.

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