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Head Strong eBook

Ted Ayllon

A Parenting Survival Kit for Reducing Tension and Building Self-Esteem and a breakthrough parenting approach to solving problematic behavior patterns by your child

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When it comes to raising productive and confident children, often times parents find themselves dealing with the same issues over and over; repetitive behaviors that challenge even the most dedicated and patient parents.  These head strong children may not intend to behave in a way that leaves their parents stressed and emotionally debilitated but when patterns of behavior are examined in the parent-child interaction, much can be understood as to the why and the how of changing it.

Head Strong takes a focused look at how the conditions that are likely to produce counterproductive and negative behaviors in a child may be replaced by alternative conditions that foster productive and positive behaviors. Author, Ted Ayllon, Ph.D., prescribes an approach rooted in his more than 30 years of research and working with children and their families. Allyon outlines evidenced-based strategies for changing a parents relationship with their child including why consequences don’t seem to work, how to discourage problematic behavior and encourage positive behavior, why following instructions is a learned skill, and the power of praise.

Head Strong provides real hope for exhausted parents who have tried everything they know and delivers specific guidelines to help a child choose to give up problematic behavior in a natural and positive way.

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